Leatid is an important tool for developing new European Jewish leaders

Leatid is an important tool for developing new European Jewish leaders

My five-year tenure as President of ECJC was an exciting period of my Jewish organizational life. They were years in which the concept of a Jewish Europe was becoming a reality with the involvement of the communities of the former Soviet Union.

I had a great board and very close cooperation with the Joint, especially from Alberto Senderey, and new ideas and projects were flowing and being enacted:  The European Day of Jewish Culture, the General Assembly of European Jewry, Arachim, the President’s Conference, LEATID, access to a Board seat in the International restitution organization and Claims Conference (even if it was shared with EJC), regional Youth activities and many others.

LEATID is one of which I’m very proud; it was proposed and organized by the Joint but the ECJC was a very active partner.

I was enthusiastic about the idea and participated in one of the first Leadership Training Seminars in Venice; it was a great experience and very useful both in my Jewish activity and my professional life. I have since had many of my board members in the Italian community participate and they all remember Leatid as an important moment of their life.

I wish to recognize also the magnificent work Michel Calef did with LEATID and all those that were involved like Michel Montreuil, Mario Izcovich, Valerie Davis and Clive Lawton and naturally Alberto Senderey.

Keep it going!  It is an important tool for developing new European Jewish leaders.

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Former President of European Council of Jewish Communities

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