A response to an “Interview with Zygmunt Bauman”

He claims not to be a prophet but got it all so right. It is shocking in retrospect how little was done back then to respond to the crash in terms of his ‘we can’t go on like this’. We failed utterly to make any actual systemic changes – expect perhaps to bash the poor a bit more – and Brexit, Trump and perhaps Le Pen, AfD and others are the result of people seeking security in preference to freedom.

I note too his assertion, with which I totally agree that it is the confident that chooses freedom over security – Rashi told us this centuries ago! – and it leads me to despair as to the Jewish world’s current obsession with security. The subliminal message to all young Jews is that this is a community in fear and therefore in decline. Absurd!

I love too his response to how we can know he’s Jewish – that Israel’s misbehaviour upsets him more than that of any other country. What a wonderful reversal of our accusations of ‘self-hating Jew’ to any critic of Israel. Another example of a community in fear rather than confidence.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this.

All good wishes,


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Clive Lawton

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One of the founders and current Senior Consultant to Limmud. Scholar-in-residence at the London Jewish Cultural Centre, International consultant in educational development Consultant to the EU on diversity and community integration issues

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